Program Goal:
To increase the knowledge of current adolescent health issues, youth clinical practices, current legal rights, and culturally appropriate health promotion and prevention in an
effort to provide better quality service to our community's youth.

Program Highlights:

  • Sessions on minor's rights to health care, Louisiana sex education laws and mandatory reporting requirements.
  • Gain knowledge on the social determinants and disparities in the health care of adolescents and special youth populations.
  • Understand culturally appropriate health promotion and prevention.
  • Social Workers can earn up to 3 clinical, 1 ethical, and 1 general CE
  • Nurses can earn up to 5 CEs


Register Today!

Fees: Include breakfast, lunch and CEs

  • $75.00 Licensed Professional
  • $40.00 Unlicensed Professional/Student


Please share Open Talks with your friends and colleagues. The conference is approved for social workers, nurses and LPCs. Registration is open through October 25 or until we reach our maximum registrations.