Open Health Care Clinic’s 2017 fundraising goal is to raise the money to purchase and retrofit a Mobile Dental Unit to serve the entire East Baton Rouge Parish community. The campaign is called Open Wide and would provide preventive and diagnostic dental care for adults and children right here in our community. Dental services are a seriously unmet need among adults and pediatric patients here in Baton Rouge. Open Wide will bring these essential services to our neighbors right in our neighborhoods. East Baton Rouge’s low-income population faces particularly high barriers to accessing oral health care including provider shortages, lack of insurance coverage, transportation limitations and language barriers. Good oral health is more than just a cosmetic concern. Among children, dental problems are associated with poor self-image and feelings of worthlessness, as well as poor attendance at and performance in school. In adults, chronic oral infections are linked to a multitude of diseases including heart disease and diabetes, while missing and malformed teeth prevent otherwise qualified candidates from finding work. In pregnant women, inadequate oral health care is associated with prematurity and low birth weight. Open Wide will help prevent these adverse health conditions by meeting our community where we live and work and play. And while OHCC is out in the community taking care of people’s smiles, we will offer health screenings for other acute and chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as providing essential vaccines and health literacy and educational opportunities to everyone who calls our community home. With your financial support, we can help give everyone in our community a brighter, whiter, healthier smile and the confidence to approach life’s challenges with their hearts and minds—and mouths—Open Wide. Individuals and companies can help support this goal by making a contribution to our Open Wide Campaign.Open

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